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The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools of 2019

Affiliate Marketing Tools

There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t love the idea of working from anywhere without being restricted by the boundaries of time and formalities.

This is the reason that the concept of affiliate marketing is tremendously gaining popularity amongst people. The top affiliate marketers are very much enjoying this easy life, but definitely, it takes a lot to gain that level of success.

Affiliate marketing is much better than the 9-5 lifestyle. But still, affiliate marketing is no easy feat. The domain of digital marketing is acquiring continuous growth with increasing competition; thus it can be harder to set up a sustainable business doing affiliate marketing.

To get the required success, it is better to look for ways through which you can enhance your productivity and performance to get better profits. For this, you need to utilize some excellent affiliate marketing tools which can assure you have positive results.

Here’s a video hthrough which you can learn more about these amazing affiliate marketing tools.

Here are the best handpicked affiliate marketing tools which every affiliate marketer must include on his or her list. Working with these tools will give you visible results which will help you in achieving your profit targets.

When talking about affiliate marketing, profits are associated with conversions. The better the conversions, the better the profits. Thrive Themes is one such affiliate marketing tool that will help you achieve those conversions.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes provides you with conversion focused WordPress themes, so if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, it will boost up your promotional strategies. The themes and plugins are designed explicitly for conversion optimization which makes it a prevalent tool amongst the affiliates.

Thrive Themes provides you with focus areas which are basically the calls to action which you can place on the most prominent positions on your website. Each of the themes in Thrive Themes comes with a pre-built and can be customized further as needed.

With this tool, adding or building out landing pages is really easy, taking no time at all and requires little technical expertise. Images are significant to get the attention of the audience, and this is where Thrive Themes will help you as an affiliate marketer, allowing you to optimize the images size for increased loading times. You can display images however you see fit.


ClickFunnels is another affiliate marketing tool which is highly renowned for its benefits to make affiliate marketing easy and more productive. It is an exceptional tool for its customization and integration.

It is also an incredible tool used by affiliate marketers for mobile support. ClickFunnels is known for its pre-made funnel templates through which you as the affiliate marketer can work according to varying business requirements.

The tool comes with the templates which are customizable, and the web pages can be made through the drag-and-drop editor tool.

ClickFunnels is very much popular amongst affiliate marketers who require high converting web or mobile-responsive pages. With this tool, you can also use additional tools to keep tracking the activities of visitors on your website.

This tool also helps in generating various insights through which affiliates can work on improving the engagement with the audience, which will ultimately improve the chances of better profits.

Not only this, but this affiliate marketing tool also does a fantastic job by allowing the users to integrate the solution with online shopping carts through the integration API. It is an excellent all round tool that requires no previous technical experience.


AWeber is a great, popular affiliate marketing tool for those who strictly focus on email marketing. This online platform has superior auto-responders through which customer interaction and engagement becomes very easy.

Along with this, this affiliate marketing tool is also known to interact well with other advanced tools like the Salesforce, Zendesk, PayPal, WordPress and many more.

This tool provides the ease and convenience of sending professionally designed and personalized emails to the target audience through which you as the affiliate marketer can work on acquiring the desired traffic to your affiliate links.

Though promoting your affiliate marketing links through SEO and social media is important, you can’t deny the effectiveness of the concept of email marketing.

Sending follow up emails to the target audience is a great way to further connect with and add value to your audience. This feature provided by AWeber can prove to be of great help to build effective relationships with the prospect and facilitate better marketing of your affiliate links.


Every affiliate marketing campaign must utilize tracking, because you cannot optimize what you do not track. ClickMagick is one such tool that holds a lot of benefits for affiliate marketers.

Clickmagick is important because it enables you to track individual traffic sources, and monitor the quality of that traffic source through your sales funnel.

The automatic link monitoring feature within Clickmagick will automatically notify you if ever a link goes down. This way you are never wasting money on clicks to a page that is not active.

For every campaign you create, you must create groups for the links associated with that campaign, and then individual tracking links for every traffic source you choose.

Thankfully, Clickmagick makes this task extremely easy, and also has a massive tutorial library to teach you everything you need to know.


If you want to use Thrive Themes for creating your landing pages, or simply to have your own blog, website hosting is needed. For this I recommend HostGator.

Not only can you host your own websites with them, but you can also create additional subdomains in the same Hostgator account to host any other campaign you create.

There are other hosting options out there that you can choose from, such as Bluehost so please ensure you check out my more extensive hosting review here

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a great way to make a passive source of income, but before that, it is essential to have the right set of tools in order to achieve the best results.

These affiliate marketing tools will prove to be essential for you as an affiliate marketer as you become more familiar with this business.

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