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8 Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Avoid

affiliate marketer mistakes

Affiliate marketing is recognized as a lucrative industry where the affiliate programs keep paying a variety of commissions. It makes this arena an excellent industry for passionate marketers or for people in general who are trying to find out about how to make money online with internet marketing. Though everything seems to be so easy […]

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5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Generate More Sales in 2019

affiliate Marketing Trends 2019

Nowadays, an affiliated marketer is soul-fully interested in looking into trends which can help them to generate more sales. Over the last couple of years ‘the sales funnel strategy’ has been used by the successful marketer. This is because sales funnels are a good and healthy strategy for someone trying to create a selling point […]

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How Can You Make Money Online Without Any Investment?

Gone are those days when only stepping out of the house and reaching to the office for work was the routine to follow to earn money for the living. The world has become digital. You need not to leave your bed to make money. Turn on your system or your laptop, connect it to the […]

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5 Challenges With Affiliate Marketing

challenges with affiliate marketing

5 Challenges With Affiliate Marketing This article is intended to introduce you to 5 challenges with Affiliate Marketing. It is not as difficult as you may think…providing you have a proven strategy. It is no secret that affiliate marketing is an excellent business model. It is certainly not new by any means, but it is […]

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Four Percent Testimonials

Four Percent TestimonialsWatch this short 5 minute testimonials video to hear what the real action takers are saying about this amazing course that helps people to start their very own online business. CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW! The Top 4% is a Standard of Greatness​Vick explains that creating a FourPercent 4% Group account […]

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Four Percent Q&A With Vick Strizheus

This video has only been shared with my subscribers, and is not publicly available for everyone who visits this website, unless personally invited.Take a look at this video below, a recording Vick did with Four Percent Challenge members who made it to their first mile stone in the course.Since joining the Four Percent Challenge Vick […]

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Whatsapp Ads

Whatsapp ads

​Whatsapp Ads From Facebook WhatsApp Ads are coming soon, but are you ready for the change. What are your thoughts of this massive change? Let me tell you how it may affect you…1.5 billion users will soon notice a change to the popular Android and iOS app when WhatsApp introduce Ads and monetize their platform. […]

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How To Make A Landing Page That Converts

conversion focused landing pages

How To Make A Landing Page That ConvertsYou don’t want to be driving traffic to your landing pages, and they are not converting. Let me show you how to make a landing page that converts using the tips in this video series.Visitors and money will be wasted if you are not able to convert anyone […]

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Cash Giveaway 21st September 2018

cash giveaway

I have been doing regular cash giveaways on my YouTube channel for a while now. I already have given plenty of cash out to a number of different people, which has put smiles on peoples faces. I am fortunate enough that I can give back and help others, and I really like the engagement I […]

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free

Are you asking yourself, how to get started with affiliate marketing? Would to like to learn how to start affiliate marketing for free? My number 1 recommendation is to take a course, yes take an affiliate marketing course. I am always studying, and at the time of writing I am a member of:​**** IM JetSet […]

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Top Article Websites You Must Use

article marketing sites

Here are my top ten article websites. I use these every week, and you should too. Article marketing is an essential weapon in your Internet Marketing Strategy. If you want to get some serious traffic to your websites, then you should be posting articles to these directories.Not only will you obtain visits from those who […]

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Selling online for profit

online sales

Making money online is easy, and for those of you who think it is difficult, then you have not yet found a solid business plan to work from in order to achieve success online. What I will say it that it does involve an element of learning, but let me tell you that this is […]

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