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Four Percent Testimonials

Watch this short 5 minute testimonials video to hear what the real action takers are saying about this amazing course that helps people to start their very own online business.

The Top 4% is a Standard of Greatness

Vick explains that creating a FourPercent 4% Group account requires a "standard of greatness."  Without this, becoming the best version of yourself is impossible.

This standard is to... "Inspire and empower individuals to rise above mediocrity and create an exceptional lifestyle for themselves and their families."

Also, to help affiliate marketing beginners like you become irreplaceable.

Being irreplaceable, along with the need for what you do and your ability to do it are in proportion to the amount of money you will make (the law of compensation). You're not irreplaceable if there is no need for what you do or if you have no ability to do.  

Many people stop at mediocrity and the great's push beyond average, what Vick calls the 96%. You enter among the 4% if your "standard of greatness" exists. This is exactly how the name "The Four Percent Group" came about.

Listen to those who are proud to be part of that 4%....

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