How To Make A Landing Page That Converts - 6 Video Series

How To Make A Landing Page That Converts

You don’t want to be driving traffic to your landing pages, and they are not converting. Let me show you how to make a landing page that converts using the tips in this video series.

Visitors and money will be wasted if you are not able to convert anyone to leads. I am Chris Mitty, and I drive traffic to many different websites out on the internet, both those I own, and those I do not own. I do this using a strategic step by step system.

What I am going to share in this series will skyrocket your opt in rates, why? Because it worked for me, so it will work for you too!

Tip 1 - How To Make A Landing Page With Thrive Architect

This is the number 1 tool out there for creating amazing websites, blogs, landing pages and complete sales funnels.

Thrive Themes have thousands of active users and I vouch for it because I use it myself! I have even created this Thrive Themes Review.

Check it out because it is 5 times cheaper than Clickfunnels.

Tip 2 - Offer A Superb Incentive That Sparks Interest

Most people will not give you their name and email address for free. Some people will not give you their details even with an incentive.

What you have to do is increase the opt in rates as much as possible, by almost resolving the issue the person has.

Its all about value proposition. Free courses, free guides, discount vouchers, free coaching, and more…just go above the norm….

If you follow my advice then you are going to see some amazing results.

Tip 3 - Keep it simple, do not over complicate

People in all walks of life always over complicate things. I am more for the get in, and get out approach, whilst doing it the right way.

I do not like to drag things out unnecessarily because that costs time, and time is money.

Most of the time I do not even have a name input field, because it can put people off….my testing proves this. You need to make a landing page that follows thew KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Tip 4 - Show social proof

Show testimonials, written or video when possible. Even use Facebook comments or written responses if you have them….email replies, the list goes on.

The more you prove what you have to offer, the better chance you have at converting visitors into leads, and then to customers.

Tip 5 - Create a video

Depending on what it is that I am promoting, I will use a video, even on my landing page. I do this because sometimes it tells the story better than an image or using copy-writing.

Keep the video short, and concise, no need to over complicate things. Remember, keep it simple.

Tip 6 - Don’t just expect any old landing page will do. Create then optimize

I created a landing page, ran traffic to it, but I had no subscribers to my free report? What did I do?

I made just 1 change, and that was changing the opt in form from single opt-in to a multi-step opt in, using just a button at first to draw in the reader.

I changed the button to say “click to download”, but then upon clicking, an email entry form appears.

The first example simply requested the information up front, and it had a zero conversion rate.

This one simple change increased my opt in rates by 24.5%.

Help me to help you more by subscribing to my YouTube channel, comment and share it on social. If you need help with landing page templates, I am ready to help. Just comment below and let’s get started.

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